Friday, August 10, 2018

August 2018 - Day 2 - Haiti Mission Trip

Breakfast on the deck at the guest house is always one of our most favorite parts of the trip. Juicy mangoes, fresh pineapple and bananas along with scrambled eggs and assorted peppers cut in detail to the smallest squares. Brunet’s beautiful wife is always the best cook!

Off to camp we go packed with our suitcases on top of the “tap tap” (the Haitian name for taxi).   We have 10 of us riding to camp looking a little like Sanford and Son. Tight quarters, no AC but it doesn’t matter. The liveliness of the streets of Haiti keep us totally entertained on our journey to camp. 

Taking Shapes hosts the camp for the children of Cepras, a Haitian ran organization whose mission is to grow young Haitiain children through education and Christian faith. We combine Cepras kids with the children of Lephare orphanage for the entire camp week. Total kids in the camp are 75! 

Haiti children don’t have the exposure to organized activity, sports and fine arts. We quickly saw once they were introduced to the activities, they were like sponges! We divide the kids into 3 rotations according to age and they rotate to arts/ crafts with and bible stories with Savanah and Beth, sports and games with Ben, Same and Isaac and dance with Crystal and myself. These kids love art and are so artistic! The detail and time they put into their work is so amazing.

Favorite dances are the Chicken Dance, Baby Shark and Tootie Ta! It doesn’t matter the ages of these kids, everyone is participating, laughing, enjoying time together and learning. Such a cool experience! Oh and also keep in mind it is 95 degrees and no AC. 

Meanwhile while we are busy with our kids at camp, Greg is back at Lephare Orphanage helping complete the building project at Lephare. Taking Shape will be housing it’s future summer mission campers in the expansion of the Lephare Orphanage, giving them a total immersion inside the Haitian culture. 

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