Saturday, August 11, 2018

August 2018 - Day 3 - Haiti Mission Trip

Meayla on the mic!
Up and at it again for Day 3 of our week and the second day of our camp. Today we started our camp out with each child coming up to the microphone, saying their name and telling us what they wanted to be when they grew up. This was a confidence builder for many kids as some where a little shy but others had no trouble taking the mic, especially 2 year old Meayla! She can't speak clearly yet but oh boy, can she sing! As the rest of the kids took the mic, we heard a lot of aspirations to be doctors, football players (football in Haiti means soccer) and pastors. Pretty cool!

"Bob" and Beana
Have I mentioned how AWESOME our team is! Beth and Beana are rocking the crafts. So far we have made aluminum foil figurines, jeweled fish puppets to go along with Beth's bible stories and tie dye flowers from coffee filters. Kids of every age here love to create and it is amazing how detailed and focused they are in their work.

Ben, Sam and Isaac keep the sports and games going on with soccer, baseball and a team challenge of using a bed sheet. Meanwhile, Crystal continues to be a rockstar in the the gravel dance floor area teaching hip hop and a creative improvisational game where the kids made letters with their bodies.

Older boys of the camp making the letter "K"
Oh, and there is this funny little 2 year old guy here we named "Bob" who we later found out is really named Marcus. We didn't know where "Bob" came from for the first couple of days. He just showed up and wouldn't tell us his name so we named him "Bob". After a couple of days a couple kids that knew him kept telling us "no, his name Marcus." So Beth said, "Oh, Bon Jour Marcus!"  He looked at Beth and pointed to himself and said "Bob, Bob, Bob." I think he likes his new name! Bob has brought a lot of humor to this camp. He is a wild crazy kid who spends his time running around chasing the wild chickens that sometimes come through the camp.

Smore time at Lephare
We returned back to Lephare to drop the kids off and had time for a smore party with the neighborhood. This has turned into an annual event as we taught them this last year when we visited. Funny how excited the kids got when we pulled out the smore supplies. They knew exactly what we were doing!

Fritznel, our awesome dance translator, and Crystal!
Overall, another great day building relationships with these kids, this team and this community. It is so evident that these children are so hungry for organized, social and physical activity. They are creative, athletic, fun and full of energy. Ready for tomorrow!

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