Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Christmas in Haiti - A Family Experience

Taking Shape continues it's mission of growing young leaders as our Taking Shape STAR leadership team traveled to Port au Prince, Haiti over Christmas break to finish the building project at Laphare Orphanage and school.  The overall project includes an expansion of the orphanage which will allow living space for the children and a closed in area where school can be conducted. 

Taking Shape will be launching their performing arts leadership camps in the summer of 2018 at Laphare Orphanage. Mission campers will be housed on site at the orphanage to experience an immersion of the culture as they conduct leadership and performing arts camps for children of the entire Port au Prince community. Taking Shape will continue it's vision to raise young leaders Here, Near and Far. Click Here to learn more about our upcoming camps! 

During a ceremony at the project site, Executive Director Tracey Wozny and project manager, Greg Lock receive an award on behalf of Taking Shape for the work the foundation is doing for the community.