Friday, March 9, 2018

The Ripple Effect - Coming Full Circle

There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the ripple effect that leadership can create, especially when it is with your students. Our Taking Shape STAR leadership program is in full force!

We are in the second year of existence with over 25 studios, clubs and organizations
throughout the United States, Canada, Haiti and even Aruba who are affiliate members
using the Taking Shape STAR leadership curriculum. Our mission continues to create a
young generation of leaders who impact others through strong character values and
community service.

This season, two of our Richmond area STAR leaders, Malori Chrisman and Isabella
Duffet, took their leadership training to the next level. In addition to being STAR Leaders
with our Taking Shape organization, they also are enrolled in a dual credit leadership
class in their high school. One of the course requirements was to create a project that
they were passionate about and would benefit the community.

Isabella and Malori took the initiative to design their own series of Chance to Dance classes that were held at the Richmond Shapes Dance and Acro Studio. Both girls took the ball and ran with the idea! They organized, marketed and taught a movement and exercise class for special needs adults in the Ray County area. They marketed the classes through social media, flyers and visiting group homes in the area, inviting qualified candidates to the free classes. The class format incorporated gross motor skills, balance, musicality and coordination. The class was taught monthly by both girls and averaged over 20 participants in each class.

The dual credit project for their high school completed in January, but now, several months
later, due to the popularity of the class and the value of service which these girls have
experienced, they have chosen to keep the program going until the end of the school year.

Taking Shape bases is curriculum on 5 points of the star; Trust, Serve, Love, Growth and
Excellence. These girls have taken “Serve” above and beyond and are true leaders as
they grow in character and cause a ripple effect of leadership in their own community.

Isabella Duffet comments on her experience with this leadership project, “ Teaching a
Chance to Dance class was so rewarding because dance has brought so much joy to
my life for so long and it was cool to share that joy with other people who don’t get
the opportunity to dance.”

Taking Shape is proud of the excellent example of servant leadership that these
two young ladies have portrayed.

This is our mission of our organization, to grow young leaders who impact others!
Our goal is to continue to raise up young leaders Here, Near and Far in order to
make the world a better place.It is working! We are on a mission! We will
continue to change lives!