Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 2 - August 2017 Mission Camp Trip

Two different tribes of children joined together today for their first day of our Taking Shape Leadership Camp. Twenty two children from the Lephare orphanage and twenty five children from CEPRAS organization came together for a day of leadership, dance, games, crafts and bible skits. What a day it was! 

Taking Shape team leaders Savanah Wozny and Sam Lock lead outdoor activities of soccer, dodgeball, relay races and hip hop dance. Dance and sports are universal! Even though there certainly was a language barrier, when the music is on or you give these kids a ball we all speak the same language.

Leadership activities were a big hit with our campers! We worked on public speaking and made purpose posters highlighting what was important to each child. We discussed what our goals are and what everyone wanted to be when they grew up. Several future doctors, nurses and engineers are going to be running around here in Haiti in the years to come! 

The story of Noah’s Arc was the favorite as we put together bible skits for our final day! 

We continue on with our mission of leaders raising leaders as we head into day 2 of our Taking Shape leadership camp……. 

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