Sunday, August 12, 2018

August 2018 - Day 4 - Haiti Mission Trip

It's Thursday and another full day at Cepras.  Our tap-tap rolled out from the guest house at 8:30 am to head to camp. The drive is one of our favorite parts. Everyone is Haiti has a purpose, they are all up and doing something. It may be to set up a couple of milk crates to sell bananas or it may be a walk across town, dodging the crazy traffic, just to visit a family member. Everyone here has a definite mission!

We arrived at camp, greeted with all of the kids who were behind the gate waiting for the entire team with hugs and high fives!  It was so fun to see them proudly wear their SDA passport lanyards and sunglasses we gave out to them the past several days.

Today our surprise activities included Sumo wrestling with inflatable inner tubes, dream catchers for arts and crafts and a group dance to Cotton Eye Joe. Oh and we can't forget the younger kids got to put on a show with some fancy costumes!

We were a little sad at the beginning of camp because we didn't see Bob today but found out that he was so wiped out from the last two camp days before that he overslept. Bob needed some rest!

After the third day of camp it was so neat to see the growth of these kids not only in their activities and skills, but the relationships and friendships they were building among each other. The children of Cepras live a good 20 minute tap -tap drive from the children of Lephare orphanage. These kids are  brought together only by our camp. Very grateful that they have had this experience together this week making friends.

We finished the day with a drive up the mountains of Haiti for a delicious dinner and incredible view over the entire country of Haiti. What a beautiful country!

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