Tuesday, August 14, 2018

August 2018 - Day 6 - Haiti Mission Trip

Final day in Haiti with our camp and team. What a week it has been!

We checked out of the guest house and loaded up like Sanford and Son in our tap tap. A final goodbye to our guest house and on the road to our final "party" day at camp.

Today was a day of showcasing everything we learned during our camp, letting the children do any special songs or dances that they had made up on their own. Oh and guess what?! Bob was back for the party! Check Bob out chasing the chicken during the showcase.

We finished the camp celebrated with a meal of chicken and rice and fruit punch. Our team got to hand out several prizes for our "superstar" students of the week and everyone left with a Taking Shape book bag full of school supplies to start the new school season. A huge thank you to Showcase Dance Studio and OBX the Studio Karma Kids program for the generous back to school donations.
Also a HUGE thank you to the amazing translators and volunteers from Cepras and their president Benson Jean. Benson is also an extremely talented photographer and captured the pure essence of our camp this week! 

We left the camp after a huge water balloon fight and many hugs and goodbyes that we will return next year.

A last hour stop at Lephare to eat lunch and pick up Greg before we left for our flight. Look what Greg completed while we were at camp all week!  A gazebo for shade and shelter for the orphanage children and a resting area for our future mission campers that will be housed at Lephare during our next camp this December. The materials for this project were donated by Leo Perez from Lee Summit, MO. 

What a week it has been. A week of growth with our team, relationships with so many wonderful people in Haiti and love in our heart! It is always hard to say goodbye but we will be back soon. Until next time in December our friends!! We learn more from you than you learn from us!

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